Tamim Iqbal wife | Ayesha Siddiqa | full details and biography

Tamim Iqbal is the dashing opener of Bangladesh cricket team. At 2013 he has married with Ayesha Siddiqa. In this article, we describe all bout Tamim Iqbal wife and her like dislike and a small biography.

Tamim Iqbal wife’s biography

Tamim Iqbal is from Chittagong of Bangladesh. He started her cricketing career there. Before she gets married with, there is a love affair between them.
Full name
Ayesha Siddiqa
19 January 1991
Birth place
Islam (Muslim)
Favorite food
Thai chicken
Favorite color
5’ 4”
Got married
One baby
  • Relation and affair: when Ayesha was only 15 years old, Tamim sends her love proposal to a friend.at the first time, she rejects the proposal. But after few month she getting agree to have a relation with Tamim. Before relation, Ayesha does not like cricket and she loves football. They have passed more than 8 years together before married.
  • Study: she completes her study from Malaysia. She left Bangladesh with elder sister at the age of 18. After few days when she left the country, her boyfriend Tamim was nominated for Bangladesh national cricket team.  After the turn Tamim, most of the times visit Malaysia to meet with Ayesha. Ayesha completes her hire study on a university at Malaysia.
  • Current situation: currently she is the wife of Tamim Iqbal. Before married, a lot of girls in Bangladesh, are love Tamim. Luckily Tamim Iqbal wife is the person who becomes the mother of Tamim’s baby. At now they have one baby and they are happy too. And Iqbal is also lucky to have a wife like Ayesha, who love cricket and she always supports him to do something better.

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  1. Tamim and Ayesha are both an english medium school’s student so i think if they see so many silly grammatical mistakes on articles written about them,they may become unhappy


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