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Bengali people have a lot of query about Shakib Al Hasan wife today. From the early time of the married Umme Ahmed Shishir, there it makes a lot of rumor. Even there are the lot of people who do not like the wife of Shakib Al Hasan. Even Shakib does not care about that. He plays cricket regularly and loves her family as well as. In this article, we are going to share information about the wife of Shakib and her biography.

Shakib Al Hasan wife short description

Shakib Al Hasan wife shishir
Shakib and shishir

The full name of Shakib’s wife is Umme Ahmed Shishir. And they are getting married at 2012. There are a lot of girls in Bangladesh who are waiting for getting married for Shakib. But Shakib selects Shishir. There is a story behind that. It was 2010 and Shakib visit England for country cricket. There he meets with Shishir first time. At the first meet, both of them are fall in love. In few days they decide that they will get married and they discuss it about with their family.  Finally, they getting married at 2012. Now they are happy with their family life. They have a little daughter Aubrey in their family.

Umme Ahmed Shishir biography and detail

Shakib Al Hasan wife shishir
Shakib wedding

Here I present the biography of Shakib Al Hasan wife in this article. All those information are for your knowing purpose. Hope you will be glad after knowing that.

  • Hometown and born: she born at 1989 in Narayanganj of Bangladesh. but he passed her childhood time in the United States.
  • Religion and height: she is Muslim by born. And her height is 5 feet and 5 inches. Even she is a health conscious lady also.
  • Present condition: as the profession, she is a software developer. But now she is a housewife. Now they have a daughter Alayna Hasan Aubrey. And both of Shakib and Shishir have a lot of dream about their daughter.

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One thing I want to mention that, wife of Shakib Al Hasan has come from a family of the stepmother. Her mother has left the world when she was a baby only. But on the family of Shakib, now she is happy with everyone. Even day by day fans are also accepting him as the wife of their favorite player.


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