Shahid Afridi brother Javed Afridi wife, salary and net worth


Shahid Afridi is one of the crazy cricketers in Pakistani cricketer team. Her crazy fans are also wasn’t to know about Shahid Afridi brother Javed Afridi net worth and information. Like what do Javed Afridi do, where he lives, and her images also.  so in this article, we are going to cover all those information about Javed Afridi wife and another thing. Both brothers of Shahid Afridi and Javed Afridi are popular in Pakistan. Because both have contributed in cricket. Shahid plays cricket and Javed is an owner of a well-known franchise of cricket there.

Shahid Afridi brother Javed Afridi related information

Shahid Afridi brother Javed Afridi

Javed Afridi is pretty much looking like Shahid. Both of them have the same style of haircut and beard. The difference of outlook is Javed use glasses and Shahid doesn't use. He is younger than Shahid. Javed is a rich business man in her country. And now he is successful in her own country. He is the owner, CEO, and founder of Haier Pakistan. Her business skill is now too inspiring to Pakistani young businessman. He is also the owner of Peshawar Zaimi, and it is one of the successful franchises in PCL.

That important information about Javed

  • Shahid Afridi brothers name: Javed Afridi
  • Javed Afridi wife: Mrs. Javed
  • Javed Afridi salary: He is the owner of own industry. And a businessman. This is not important, what is her salary. He makes the own salary. He earns 10 million USD per year.
  • Shahid Afridi father name: Sahabzada Fazal ur Rehman Afridi
  • Javed Afridi net worth: only Peshawar Zalmi what is her own industry have 90 million USD worth. But her personal worth is currently 70 million USD.

So finally all important information about the person is here,

  1. Javed was born 14th August of 1985.
  2. He is the CEO Haier Pakistan.
  3. He is the owner of Peshawar Zaimi what is the famous franchises for PCL.
  4. Shahid Afridi brother Javed Afridi is looking like her elder brother.
  5. Javed is younger than Shahid. But bother brother loves cricket a lot.
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Brother of Shahid Afridi, I mean Javed Afridi have invested a lot of money to cricket. Her Company Haier was the main sponsor Pakistan cricket team much time. On those time he donated a lot of money. Fans will be happy after knowing that, there is a nice collaboration between those two brothers.


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