Mustafizur Rahman salary each month and match fee


Mustafiz is player of B category in Bangladesh. The B category for Mustafizur Rahman salary from BCB. It does not mention that he is the bad player. All those categories come for the experience, all contribution, and other things. It’s a kind of benchmark also. We really agree with that, he has a lot of talent. Even there are a lot of talented cricketer in a world who says Mustafiz have few extraordinary power. Let’s talk about the salary of Mustafizur Rahman.

Mustafizur Rahman salary and match fees

Mustafizur Rahman salary per month
Mustafizur Rahman

The match fee and salary are different things. There are the lot of months when Mustafizur does not play any match. On that month he will get the salary from Bangladesh cricket board. But he will not get the match fees. Those match fee will eligible if he paly any international match for Bangladesh.

  • Monthly Salary: BDT 200,000

Match fee –

  • ODI (one day international): BDT 20,00,00
  • Test (5 day long test): BDT 35,00,00
  • T20 (20 over game): BDT 12,50,00

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Basically, Mustafizur Rahman salary will increase if he will be a player of A category. He is the creator of the cutter in Bangladesh. and from the very early time of her career he paly good cutter. Hope he will reach the milestone of A category player as early as possible. We wish all those good things for MR. fizz future career.


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