Mustafizur Rahman ranking on international cricket ground


There are a lot of cricket fans in Bangladesh. They are want to know about Mustafizur Rahman ranking at the international cricket ground. There everyone knows that Mustafizur is the now most demanding bowler in the world. He the boy who has a secret arms named cutter. In this article, we are going to share you about cricket ranking of Mustafizur Rahman at the international cricket ground. Hope you will enjoy and if you love Mustafizur Rahman, then you have to share this article on social media network.

Mustafizur Rahman ranking internationally

Mustafizur Rahman ranking
Mustafizur Rahman

The Mustafiz start her cricket career at 2015. And he is coming from Shatkhira. In this short time, he has done a lot of records what makes her ranking good. At current time he is the most successful beginner bowler after Mashrafee bin Mortaza.

  • At current time Mustafizur Rahman got the rank of 31 on ODI
  • He have also demanded a lot of few important country league match like IPL

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Actually, the player comes from a poor family. But he made her own place in Bangladesh national cricket family by excellence. There all of the Bangladeshi cricket supported are says that one day this boy will represent Bangladesh to the whole cricket world.


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