MicroLab headphone price in Bangladesh with qualification


MicroLab is the too much popular company to the young generation. MicroLab headphone price in Bangladesh is a common expectation to Bangladeshi those young people. They want the get headphone for their mobile phone or computer. This company also have other sound equipment but the headphone is too famous. In this article, we are going to cover the price of MicroLab headphone in Bangladesh. Even we try to cover the advantage and other qualification here in this session.

MicroLab headphone price in Bangladesh and detail

There one thing can come to your mind like, why you have to pay Bangladeshi price for MicroLab headphone. Here we are going to share their full detail and specification. Hope it will help you.

MicroLab K380 – 1,400 taka

MicroLab headphone price in Bangladesh
microlab k380

The most amazing thing of the headphone is about its price. The MicroLab K380 price in Bangladesh is really affordable. There is only one color (white) headphone is available. Even it has 3.5mm gold plated jack. Its 15 Hz – 20 kHz frequency rate will give you the better flavor of enjoying music.

MicroLab K330 – 1,200 taka

MicroLab headphone price in Bangladesh
microlab k330

People you love what color do not matter. Because MicroLab K330 have white and black both color. There is auto noise suspension system of the device. Even its handy size will be adjusted with your ear easily. At a time it is a wired headphone. So it does not have any charging option.

MicroLab K310 – 1,100 taka

MicroLab headphone price in Bangladesh
microlab k310

This is a black headphone. I mean in Bangladeshi market there is only black color are available. The price is also great. As usual, there is 3.5mm input jack and extra noise suspension system is also added. There is 40 mm diameter drive unit. People importantly young boys must be like the device to use with the handphone.

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As people want to know MicroLab headphone price in Bangladesh there we have present this. Actually, all of the headphones of this company are made for mobile phones user. The most of the customer of their product is young generation. For their better service, they are now able to make a hype to youth generation.


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