Mashrafe bin Mortaza family | wife, baby, father and mother


Mashrafe is the name of Bangladeshi pride and hope. Mashrafe bin Mortaza family members and others are really proud of her all works. At the current time, he is the role model of Bangladeshi fast bowling action. There are a lot of fast bowling crickets who are following this player. In this article, you will know about the family of Mashrafe bin Mortaza. Even about her wife, baby, father, and mother will discuss in this article.

Mashrafe bin Mortaza family
Mashrafe with her wife and daughter
  • Wife: the name of Mashrafe’s wife is Sumona Haque Sumi and she is a housewife. They are getting married at 2006 after a long affair.
  • Baby: There are two babies on Sumona and Mashrafe family. The elder one is Humayra and younger is Sahil Mortaza.
  • Father: Her father is the biggest supporter of this player life. From the beginning time, this person supports the boy to do everything. Her name is Golam Mortaza. This person is a member of Bangladesh cricket family.
  • Mother: Hamida Mortaza is the mother of Mashrafe bin Mortaza. And she is the most important member of their family. She is a housewife. Mother are really proud of her son.
Mashrafe bin Mortaza family
Mashrafe and her two baby

Out of family, Mashrafe loves her friends a lot. And he also loves to ride the bike. During the time of EID, he always goes out with friends and bikes. Then they pass a lot of time by the side of the river and having fun there.

If you like Mashrafe bin Mortaza family then hope you will go to share this article on social media. Their father of Mashrafe bin Mortaza is really supporting her son to do the lot to thing for Bangladesh cricket. At the current time, there no one who cannot think Bangladesh national cricket time without Mashrafe. He is the perfect ODI captain for Bangladesh.


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