Dhaka to Sylhet Biman ticket price and other formalities


People want to know Dhaka to Sylhet air ticket price if they need. Here we are going to mention all about that topic. And importantly that topic will help you to maintain your regular travel schedule. But at the very beginning time, I want to mention you one thing is that there is no due option to Dhaka to Sylhet Biman ticket price payment. You have to pay them in cash.

Dhaka to Sylhet Biman ticket price detail

Normally there is 4 flight from Dhaka International to Sylhet airport. But there few time the authority change the schedule. And there will be more than 7 flight in the single day. Here I mention Dhaka to Sylhet local air ticket price and time table. Hope those schedule will become matched with your tour plan. The average timetable will mention on the table as well as.

Airline nameCostTime table
Biman BangladeshBDT 75006.30 to 7.10 AM
Biman BangladeshBDT 75007.30 to 8.10 AM
Biman BangladeshBDT 750011.00 to 11.40 PM
Biman BangladeshBDT 750001.15 to 02.00 PM

Dhaka to Sylhet Biman ticket price

Each flight takes approximately 40 minutes to 45 minutes.  If there was few problem, it makes get takes 5 min late. But not more than 5 minutes. On the air journey in Bangladesh, there are few thing what is strictly noticed.

  • Dhaka to Sylhet Biman ticket price will never conceder for normal people.
  • All type of illegal and anti-government things are strictly forbidden.
  • Show respect to air officer and other crew. Because they are the part of your journey.
  • This is not the up-down trip ticket. The only single trip is accepted.

You should Dhaka to Sylhet Biman ticket book before a couple of day of our journey. But this is not important always. Wish you for your good and safe journey by air.


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