Bangladesh famous cricketer list and all information


A lot of Bangladesh famous cricket and other sportsmen are increasing the glory of this country. At the current time in BD, there is few star cricketer. They are our asset and our pride. From the very early time of our cricket civilization, they are works hard to bring the name of Bangladesh to the top of the list. Here we present those cricket from the Bangladesh cricket team past to present.

In this article, we are going to present you those famous Bangladeshi cricketer biography, and records. Hope you will support cricket of this country by sharing this information on Facebook.

Bangladesh famous cricketer list and biography

Bangladesh famous cricketer

We have top class all-rounder, batsman, bowler and genius captain like Mashrafe Mortaza. Coach of this country is also brilliant. But here we present the top and legends biography.

Mashrafe Mortaza: The most respective and committed player. The buddy knew as norail express in Bangladesh. The most successful captain in Bangladesh cricket history is mashrafi. Most of the peoples love him just because of her soft heart, brotherhood behaves and wise personality. On the list of famous Bangladeshi cricketer, mashrafi gain the top place. Because he already won the heart of millions of Bangladeshi cricket fan by her cordial mentality.

Shakib Al Hasan: He is the most talented Bangladeshi cricketer and number one all-rounder in the world of cricket. He is from Magura of jessour. From the very beginning time of her career, he was trying to be a footballer like her father. At the list of Bangladesh famous cricketer, her position is at 2. Because of according fan support after mashrafi only Shakib can lead the present Bangladesh cricket team.

Mohammad Ashraful: when Bangladesh cricket was just new, there was no good batsman without Ashraful. Her aggressive batting style made tension to opponent team bowler. People will never forget to the cricket match what was played between Bangladesh and south-Africa at the time of 2007 world cup, he was played big innings. Not only that, there are lots of record of the cricket.

Tamim Iqbal: Tamim is the role model of the Bangladeshi young batsman. Bangladeshi ex-superstar cricketer Akram khan is the uncle of this talent. At the present time, he plays at the top order. Now a day Bangladeshi batting order cannot possible to think without Tamim. He comes from Chittagong and he is a Bihari according to the family.

Minhajul Abedin Nannu: the legend cricketer of Bangladesh. he is the first Bangladesh national cricket team captain. According to the game role, he is an all-rounder. For batting style, he grubs bat with the right hand. And he collects 19 total wickets in international cricket level.

Mominul Haque: he is known as the little master. Most of the cricket specialist are think that he will be the second legend after Sachin Tendulkar. Her height and batting style says that once he will get the place of Tendulkar. At present time, test format cricket of Bangladesh cannot think without this talent cricketer. Her batting style is pretty much slow and people know him as a run matching.

Mustafizur Rahman: The uprising Bangladeshi fast bowler. He comes to the cricket industry with here two different bowling format. Cutter and slower. He comes from a poor family. From the early time of her career, he makes an aggressive image to Batsman. Most of the cricket prediction are says that once he will be a legend bowler in the world.

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Those huge Bangladesh famous cricketer and other are bring the country to the chart of success. The common secret of behind of their success, there are one thing. That is honest practice. They work a lot and practice a lot. Bangladesh is a country of brilliant people and talent. That is why we can expect, there will be born more famous and legend cricketer.


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