Asmara Afridi death History | the daughter of great cricketer Shahid


A lot of rumor are going around Asmara Afridi topic. Actually, Asmara is the daughter of Pakistani crazy player Shahid Afridi. There are lots of records have this legend player. He has both skills of batting and bowling. Few day ago Asmara was the little bit sick by fever. And the rumor is started from there. In this season we are going to cover the mystery about Shahid Afridi daughter death. But we expect that you will be sharing this article to remove the rumor about this little girl.

Asmara Afridi death news is false and a rumor

cute Asmara Afridi
Daughter of Shahid Afridi

Shahid is a busy person. Few day ago her daughter Asmara Afridi was getting ill. As usual, he admits her daughter to the hospital in Pakistan. After admission to hospital, he uploads a photo of Asmara on social media network. On the caption of this photo, he mentions to people that pray for her daughter. But after few days someone makes this false news on Twitter that little girl is no more. And it became viral in a moment. People and fans are showing their sympathy to Shahid after belief on the false news.

In few hour Shahid ensures to media that Asmara Afridi is still alive. Even she is now way to recover. Police and law related people are looking for the person who makes the rumor about the little girl. Actually, these things are also huge awaken to any person’s personal life.

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These things are the example of that, fame does not have the only advantage. It also has disadvantage. This rumor can make hampered to the mentality of little Asmara. But as a fan of Shahid Afridi, I expect that God will help her family. Recently this player stays a little bit distance from all kind of cricket except T20 format. Hope all those problems will be solved from this player life.


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