Asia cup hockey 2017 ASHF schedule and all information


So it is the time to Asia cup hockey 2017 tournament. This time Bangladesh is the host and venue country for the season. As usual Bangladeshi people are the greatest sports lover and they have heart for hospitality. This is the reason 2017 season hockey of Asia cup will be a feast of the soul. Bangladesh is the host but the main sponsor of the session is Hero Honda. Without Hero, there is another sponsor here. In this season China and India are the hot favorite country at this time. Lest check the schedule chart and time table.

Asia cup hockey 2017 history and background

Asia cup hockey 2017 schedule
Asia Cup Tournament

From the time of 1982, the Asian country was starting to play the game between own. The main target of the game is making a brotherhood and friendly relation between each other. The Asia cup hockey of 2017 is the one of those game. There was six country in the tournament. But this year Oman takes participate for the very first time. And this is a happy news to Bangladesh people that, this season tournament will celebrate their country. After each 3 years, the authority of Asian game organizes the tournament of hockey. From the very early time of organizing the game, it plays a role in the peaceful war between all participate country.

Participate country of Asia cup hockey tournament

At 2017 there are 7 countries are going to play in the tournament. So here I try to present you guys those participant countries of Asia cup hockey tournament. Besides the country name, I add the memorable title of them what is really informative to you as I hope.

  • Bangladesh (organizer)
  • China (hot favorite on this season)
  • India (2nd favorite on this season)
  • Japan (Winner of the last season)
  • Malaysia (fourth of 1982, 1985, 1989)
  • Oman (new participant)
  • Pakistan (champion of 1982, 1985, 1989)
  • South Korea (champion of 1994, 1999, 2009, 2013)

During the time of hockey tournament of this year, all player and their coach will be invited by the organizer. And also other related people of their team will be accepted.

Asia cup hockey 2017 schedule details information

As we know before the game of this year has organized by Bangladesh. People are anxious to know when will be the Asia Cup hockey 2017 will held? 11th October is the time when the tournament will start and the final game will be over on 22nd October. There are two different group in this tournament. Each group has four teams. Each team will get three matches in the first round. To go to next round, he has to win at least two matches.

  • Group A
Country1st match – 11 Oct2nd match- 13 Oct3rd match – 15 Oct
IndiajapanBangladesh Bangladesh


According to the hockey tournament of Asia cup 2017, group A has 3 days for the first round. 11, 13 and 15th October. Each day there will be 2 matches between 4 team. If any team will be loose more than two times, then they will be disqualified from the tournament.

  • Group B
Country1st match – 12 Oct2nd match – 14 Oct3rd match – 16 Oct


The champion of the last session of this tournament I mean Korea have the place on the group B. like group A, group B also have 3 days on Schedule. 12, 14 and 16 October is the day. All those match details were given on the table.

  1. 22nd October is the day of the final match of this session.
  2. At the same day, there will be another match to fix the third place of this tournament.
  3. This is the game that there only men will participate.
  4. All those game will operate by universal rules.

Match summery of Asia cup hockey 2017 will be available on local television. Bangladesh television and ten sports will be broadcast the game live. Bangladeshi newspaper and radio will cover the game. Social media like Facebook and twitter are become hot in the time because of the discussion of this tournament. Hopefully, all those matches of this tournament will be huge excitement.


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